Currently on site, the proposal has been designed to take full advantage of this fantastic site and the views that it offers over Howth. The design of the house generally follows the topology of the site and has taken the opportunity to use the slope of the site to integrate the bulk of the accommodation by partially cutting it into the slope of the hill.


The bedrooms have been located at the lower level and in order to take advantage of the best views from the site, the main living areas have been located at the floor above. With the slope in the site this upper level is at the same elevation as the rear garden.


The house will achieve a high degree of energy efficiency and low level of energy consumption. The choice of materials in general will be selected for either their sustainability or their longevity and ability to be recycled in as close to their raw state as possible. High levels of insulation and an efficient heating system which will allow the internal environment of this large house to be controlled using the minimum amount of fuel.



A contemporary house on a steeply sloping site in Howth taking advantage of fantastic views towards Ireland's Eye.